Lyle and Scott Vintage

Established in 1874 Lyle and Scott is a knitwear company, golf brand and, more recently, a young fashion brand. Lyle & Scott has seen a multitude of developments over time.

Here is an introduction to some new branding elements for AW11. Have a read and give us your feedback…..

With over 135 years of history in its archive I was given the role to research and develop a new brand package for it’s Vintage, Heritage, Club and Archive ranges and to personalize each of these. At the same time, to remain loyal to the brand values that have made it so recognizable and to allow it’s vast wealth of history to create a modern vision.

Prior to starting my role, various friends and colleagues had asked where and for whom my position was with…? I would reply ‘Lyle & Scott’…Some (not all), but okay, a large percentage would look at me and say ‘who?’

Surprised by this, I would immediately say ‘You know the brand with the yellow eagle?’ At this point nearly everyone said ‘Oh yes, I know them, they’re everywhere….’ . Yes they are but, what I immediately noticed was that the brand was known for it’s Vintage Yellow Eagle icon but that didn’t necessarily relate back to the name ‘Lyle and Scott’. Also the separate categories that include Heritage, Archive and Club where leading to some confusion and for some, seeing a green or tonal eagle could have been seen as a fake.

Now, I’ve mentioned the word fake, and there have been a fair few attempts by competitors to ride the coat tails of the brands iconic eagle, so not only did I want to relay the message between the icon and the name, but also the name and it’s vast history, whilst also giving each of the brand ranges there own identity so that they could live and breath individually but simultaneously work to complete the Lyle & Scott brand.

So like most projects, I started at the beginning, this meant a visit to the borders area of Scotland, to the town of Selkirk. This is where I hoped to find all the solutions to my numerous questions. One hundred and thirty five years is quite some heritage, and to my delight a large portion of the history had been stored and filed away (very neatly) ready for me to take a trip down memory lane.

Each box carefully packed and itemised had to be opened and sieved through…. I wasn’t just looking for the odd company photograph or trophy or crest I needed to find a feeling, something I could get my teeth into that would keep on giving.

Over the next few days I did find many a company photograph a fair amount of trophies and some wall crests. Records dating back to well before my memories started and I’m quite sure before most of those walking the planet. All of which had a story to tell. Boxes filled with images of embroidery designs of all shapes and sizes, some of which became the catalyst for the Vintage embroidered badges, the ‘Circle badge’ in particular inspired by the great Bob Hopes golfing cap.  

Bob Hope Lyle and Scott

Royal warrants or a machinist handbook marked with an authentic oil smudge, accounts records threaded together with yarn or a wage tin dating from the Victorian era where starting to create a feel. A company with a true history!

Lyle and Scott Archive

Lyle & Scott ‘Vintage’ – Yellow Eagle

As I’m sure you already know back in the eighties the brand like many other sports fashion brands of the time had been hailed the uniform of the ‘casuals’… the classic golf polo shirts and v-neck sweaters now had a different use and were being seen in more places than just the golf course.

Looking through a plethora of labelling styles I came across what we refer to as The Eighties Script, the typeface that says ‘Lyle & Scott’, a development from the slimmer sixties version, just bolder with even more character. This also came with an arched version that, back in the day, had one of the original Eagle icons placed above. These had been directly embroidered on golfing knitwear so we decided to combine the current Eagle icon with the Eighties arch script to give an already recognisable symbol a new lease of life.

Lyle and Scott Scripts

This, in one way, answered the question of relaying the Eagle icon with the brand name. Using the authentic oversized neck labels, keeping the current black, white and yellow colour way and adding chunky ticketing finished the look. Not to forget under scoring the script with Est. 1874 Scotland.

After all bold and confident was part of the brief …

For Autumn / Winter 2011 you will see three or four new branding elements for Lyle and Scott Vintage, ranging from the Circle badge, Embossed leather patch, Diamond with circle embroidery and the Classic Eagle.

New Lyle and Scott Vintage Branding

All of these new elements are steeped in the rich history of Lyle and Scott, which has been uncovered in our archives.

Take a look at the Vintage range.